'Progressive' is a pretentious word. Figure that's why 'Progressive Country' seems like a lame term. 'Outlaw Country'. That's better. In the 70s, the Outlaws reacted to the over-produced, softening Nashville sound by creating something edgy an hardcore. They took the storytelling tradition of folk singers, the rawness of honky tonk, and infected it with rock & roll and blues.

In the 80s, it got updated: 'Cowpunk': punk and New Wave bands incorporating country music. Traditional 60s mood and texture got infected again - this time with even more energy and attitude.

Cut to 2011. They're not claiming a term; they're not claiming a movement (yet). But Hatchetmen is looking to give the tradition another infection. They're the new misfits of country music. Renegades of Americana. And they're bringing psychedelic to the party. They'll blow your ears off one minute and make you weep the next. 

After honing their sound on club stages around the city, Hatchetmen went into John Dinsmore's Lincoln County Social Club studio to capture some of that live, hazardous energy on record. The result is an eponymous debut released May 4, 2012. Produced and engineered by Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Ohbijou), the album is a fresh, honest punch in the face that's garnering attention. Pre-production for album #2 is currently under way.

Hatchetmen is:

Alastair Miller (guitar, vocals)

Adam Damelin (bass guitar, vocals)

Ewan Miller (guitar)

Scott Logan (drums)