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Hatchetmen at Betty'sOn King, 2018

This is the best band I have ever seen in my entire life.
— Adam's Mom


HATCHETMEN are Toronto’s 4-Piece Badass Good Time “Psychedelic Outlaw Country” Band. At its core, Hatchetmen is a family affair - brothers in blood and spirit - with Alastair and Ewan Miller on guitar, Scott Logan on drums and Adam Damelin on bass, keyboards and vocals. Having connected over old country, Americana, blues and a love for the bar – the band was born.  The early years of Hatchetmen’s sound developed out of live performances in Toronto, where loud and raucous guitar fused with all-out sonic experimentation. After playing the bar scene heavily, the band’s first album (the self-titled “Hatchetmen”) was recorded at Lincoln County Social Club.  It was run-and-gun – a spontaneous decision to see if they could capture in studio what they were doing live. From there, the band began to evolve, coining the phrase “psychedelic country” as the best way to succinctly describe their new sound, adding new pedals, timbres, colours… opening up the parameters and boundaries, and eventually removing any such limitations entirely.  This was when the real transformation occurred, realizing they had unconsciously but very happily freed themselves. It was not a rejection of those organic beginnings, but it was nevertheless a throwing of the barn doors wide open. With this free, creative spirit in mind, the 2nd album, Happily Spun, was captured live off the floor, in a family barn built in 1864 – recorded by Chris Stringer, reflecting the band’s philosophy of “bringing the party wherever we go.” Respecting the tradition and craftsmanship of their influences, Happily Spun takes a love for classic songwriters like John Prine, Guy Clark and The Band and infuses that foundation with anything from Gospel and R&B to Pink Floyd and Radiohead. No matter what their wide-ranging influences are, it all comes out HATCHETMEN in the end, and the result is a diverse record, methodically and organically produced by 4 dudes in a barn, cracking 3 beers by noon and taking each track where it was meant to go, with no restrictions, no matter the style, genre or end result.



Adam Damelin
Bass / Vocals

Scott Logan

Ewan Miller

Alastair Miller